Hello my name is Meghan, thanks so much for taking an interest in my services.


I have been in the photography business since 2012 but have been an avid lover of photography for roughly 15 years. My photography skills come from a combination of self teaching and online course work over the years and I am constantly working on increasing my skill set. Families, babies and bumps are what I specialize in, fur babies included.


Photography is my passion and I thoroughly enjoy meeting new families and building relationships over the years watching as each child and family grows and becomes their own unique entity. I consider it an absolute honour to be chosen to capture the most precious moments in peoples lives.


Having recently lost my father I frequently look back on photographs and remember all the memories that meld together to make ones life. The saying a photograph is worth a thousand words rings true for me and so many people. Its important to invest time and energy in capturing your family over the years, you don't get time back.


I would love to chat with you and your family and look forward to working with you!